Are you ready for sustainable healing? Are you ready to learn which pieces are missing from your wholistic wellness puzzle?

Healistic Vitality

Wholistic Lifestyle Education

Who We Are

We are Bentley & Michelle Murdock. We are Lifestyle Wellness Coaches, who specialize in Wholistic Nutrition, Family Wellness, and Disease Reversal. We are dedicated to gently guiding our students, as they create lifestyles they truly love.

In all we do, we seek truth, and we go to great lengths to extend our learning to others. We're so glad you found us! And we're excited to join you on YOUR unique journey, toward Sustainable Healing and Youthful Vitality.

Murdock Family

We are passionate parents, determined to give our children the best tools for maintaining truly joyful and productive lives. We search and re-search to equip them with knowledge, wisdom, and discernment, which they then extend to others. The philosophy we teach our students, is deeply rooted in the same foundation upon which we have built our marriage, and our family. We teach putting the vital needs of self first, and family second, which allows all other aspects of life to become harmoniously and sustainably balanced.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive, wholistic healing education courses online, designed with the average person in mind (in other words, you can totally do this). We'll help you become crystal clear about what kind of life you'd like to live, and we'll equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources, to bring that ideal life-style into your reality. We'll guide you as you learn tangible baby-steps, which influence simple, daily, behavior changes for the better. Our goal is to help bring you, your body, your family, and all of your relationships, back to a state of ease & perpetual healing.

Where We're Comin' From

For over a century, my Grandparents' Families (both Miller & Murdock) have been deeply rooted in Alternative Health & Wellness Industries. With two global corporations as family-businesses (Miller's HoneyNature's Way) my siblings and I received a wealth of knowledge about maintaining a body of healing. I've chosen to continue in their footsteps, and am honored to add my own unique solutions to the puzzle of Wholistic Healing.

Our Fundamentals Course

Learning The Art of Comprehensive Healism

The Three Pillars of Healistic Vitality Fundamentals

1. Nutrition, Gut-Health & Physical Nourishment

* Whole, Plant-Sourced Nutrition
* Hydration, Water & pH Balance
* Rest, Sleep & Leisure Routines
* Sunshine, Fresh Air & Detox
* Gut Pro-biotics & Pre-biotics
* Physical Exercise & Re-Creation
* Mobility & Resistance Training

2. Relational, Familial & Associational Peace

* Expression & Communication
* Influence of Family & Friends
* Higher Power & One's Origin
* Awareness & Active Presence
* Patience & Understanding
* Respect For All Other Beings
* Relational Peace & Forgiveness

3. Mental, Psychological & Emotional Harmony

* Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions
* Goals, Meditation & Visualization
* Conditioned Belief Systems
* Patterns, Behaviors & Habits
* Culture, Spirituality & Religion
* Enthusiasm, Faith & Gratitude
* Moods, Chemicals & Hormones

Course Includes:

  • Twenty Comprehensive Videos
  • In-Depth Wholistic Content
  • Desire-Based Methodology
  • Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Format
  • Custom Coaching Consults
  • Extensive PDF Client-Workbook
  • Numerous Suggested Resources
  • Healistic Meals PDF-Download

Is This Course For Me?

Our Three Primary Demographics

1. The Proactive Health-Conscious

You're generally active & healthy. You go to great lengths to research valuable truth for yourself and your family. You seek out the best in health & wellness, and you want to make certain your efforts are up-to-date. If that's your reality, this course is for YOU. Let us help you maintain your educational momentum, keeping your approach as current and as sharp as it possibly can be. Let us tackle the research, so you can focus on enjoying the vitality for which you've worked so hard.

2. The Average Symptom-Collector

You're frustrated & stressed out, spending a fortune trying to keep up with meds & symptoms. You never thought this would be you, and you want to get better. You're willing to try new things, and you want long-term results. If that sounds familiar, this course is for YOU. Let us help you redirect your time and energy, to turning things back around for you and your family. Your temporary symptoms will NOT be allowed to define you any longer.

3. The Battle-Field Optimist

You feel nearly defeated as you battle chronic disease on the front lines, and it seems that, with or without your medical team, you may not survive much longer. Yet, you know it's never too late to try something new. If your reality is one that couldn't be any more bleak, this course is for YOU. Let us help you turn things around, and get you back to a state of ease & automatic healing. It's never too late to improve the quality of life and longevity you so rightly deserve.

Are you ready to start living, instead of just surviving? Are you ready to start preventing disease BEFORE it shows up?

Testimonials & Reviews

"I’ve known Bentley for over a decade now and have worked closely with him on various occasions. His genuine nature allows him to be uniquely effective, as he works authentically to build lasting relationships of trust with his clients. Bentley’s unique ‘Custom Coaching’ methodology is firmly rooted in helping each client embrace their own Passions and Core Values. This approach clearly facilitates a much deeper and more sustainable education experience. As a Wholistic Disease-Reversal Specialist, he teaches others how to prevent, alleviate, and even reverse their chronic disease symptoms. From behavioral to emotional, and from the physical to the metaphysical, Bentley is committed to guiding others as they create lifestyles they truly love, while enjoying the added benefits of a youthful body overflowing with what he calls ‘Healistic Vitality’. I confidently recommend Bentley's Custom Coaching services and Online Education Courses for anyone seeking to take their own personal success, quality of life, and longevity to the next level."

Jack Canfield
World's Leading Success Coach / #1 NYT Best-Selling Author / Sold Over 500 Million Books

"I spent a week at a Wellness Resort, and my favorite aspects about the program were the people who worked there. At the time, Bentley Murdock was their Wholistic Nutritionist and he had so much expertise in the fields of nutrition, disease prevention, and healing. I learned so much about fueling my body with all of the proper nutrients I need. He had concrete examples of foods, products, and resources, and he put the whole Lifestyle vs Diet-Mentality into clear perspective for all of us. His energy and enthusiasm were inspiring and motivating. If you have an opportunity to meet Bentley & Michelle, and/or work with them, you're fortunate!"

Laurie A.
Retired Business-Woman / Mother / Grandmother

"I have known Bentley as a mentor and a friend, for over a decade. He is one of the few people I know who truly cares about the well being of others. His care for my family has made a huge difference in our lives. Everything Bentley does and teaches comes from a place of knowledge, and out of a true desire to help others. He has done wonders for me, and I know that he will do the same for you."

Paul T.
Magician / Teacher / Father

"My experience with Custom Coaching and Healistic Vitality has been uplifting and helpful. Bentley Murdock is very gifted in many areas of understanding, which allow him to approach wellness from a wholistic perspective. He's one of the most genuine people I've ever met, and is someone who lives his life entirely congruent with what he teaches."

Stephanie M.
Emotional Wellness Coach / Consultant / Mother

"It’s been a pleasure learning from Bentley Murdock. His course on nutrition and wellness is informative and helpful. His knowledge on those topics and others, is truly in-depth, and he always makes it interesting and fun to learn. He helped encourage me to do more physically than I initially thought possible, and until now, I could never have known how much I really needed to hear his encouragement. It really helped change my own belief systems, and it bolstered my confidence to attempt more. Since finishing the course, I’ve been making changes and doing more cardio, among other things, and I really do enjoy it!"

May C.
Business-Woman & Mother

"I'm so thankful for Bentley Murdock. He has had a profound impact on our family with his many gifts. We've all been greatly influenced and benefited by working with him. I am simply in awe at his abilities in working with youth. The love and concern for their well-being, and his desire to help each one of them find healing and success, is simply amazing. His sincerity and genuine desire to help people, greatly contributes to his success with his clients. He continues to bring out the passion within each one of us, in order to truly find our real selves, and to look far beyond our own limited thinking."

Charisse S.
Life Coach / Real Estate Agent / Athletic Coach / Mother

"Bentley is one of the most helpful 'helping' individuals I have ever encountered. He's a great listener, very knowledgeable, and highly skilled at making just the right suggestions. It's obvious that he truly cares about his clients, and values his work. His coaching was life-changing for me, and his style has made such an impact on me, that I think about him whenever I'm helping a friend through a problem."

Alice W.
Freelance Designer / Photographer / Artist / Management Consultant

Are you ready for a lifestyle in harmony with your Passions & Core Values? Are you ready to improve the quality and extend the longevity of YOUR LIFE?

Testimonials & Reviews

"Bentley & Michelle are two people who exemplify all things loving, pure, and intelligent. There aren't enough words to express how completely right it is, choosing to have Bentley and Michelle in your life as coaches, mentors, and friends. Everyone who comes in contact with these wonderful people, ultimately improves their lives. The tools I learned from them, during my time of divorce and heartache, were not only life-changing, but also priceless! I lived in fear and self-doubt for a long time, wondering if I would ever be able to find love and peace. As I patiently trusted the process and followed their practical guidance, over time, I was able to shift my energy and focus, to a point that allowed me to attract all things good into my reality, including the love of my life. I am forever grateful for the hope and wisdom I received from Bentley and Michelle. Their many life experiences have brought them to where they are today ~ Healers of Mind, Body, and Spirit!"

Andrea A.
Dancer / Athlete / Dance Instructor / Mother

"Ever since I first met Bentley, he has been not only a mentor, but a true friend who genuinely cares for all those around him. He taught me how to express myself through music, and to reach for the stars. With his help I was able to get through some tough emotional trauma and create my very own song. Bentley is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I'm forever thankful for all of his support."

Shelbie S.
Athlete / Musician / Student

"Bentley has helped me learn more about myself than anything else. I feel like I can be completely mindful, and I feel so much more peace and presence in my everyday life. I understand more about where I am with things currently, where I want to be in the future, and I've learned how to make action-steps to get to those places. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am, to have this truly amazing presence in my life."

Sacoya H.
Freelance Designer / Typographer / Fashion Consultant

"I've known Bentley & Michelle Murdock for over 3 years now. They are the kindest, sweetest couple that exude peace, love, and wholeness. They are genuine and kind-hearted, and are such an inspiration to me. Recently, I had a one-on-one session with Bentley. I was struggling with feelings of sadness and inadequacy. I was struggling to be happy, despite having an amazing life. I've wanted to change aspects of my health and felt overwhelmed. After only one hour with Bentley, I came away feeling in control. He gave me the tools I needed to move forward. He helped me to make sense of things that I couldn't wrap my head around. In that one hour, I worked out more than I would have with a therapist in a month's time. He knows your time is valuable and utilizes that time to really make a difference in your life. I look forward to my health journey with the support of Bentley and Healistic Vitality."

Emry G.
Wife & Mother of Four

"Bentley is committed to helping others. I see him doing great things in the Coaching Industry."

Jack Canfield
World's Leading Success Coach / #1 NYT Best-Selling Author / Sold Over 500 Million Books

Professional Recognition

Are you ready to feel enthusiastic and youthful again? Are you ready to give those you love, the best possible version of the REAL YOU?

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